Het Uiltje - Bird of Prey IPA


Bird of Prey IPA 

Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? IT IS…… THE BIRD OF PREY! OMG! What a phenomenon already! A supernatural IPA chock-full of citra, chinook and mosaic hops. One of the many beers Het Uiltje is so, so proud of. Always fresh, and always super hoppy.

Is it out of control? Yes, but if you drink it immediately you’ll probably be able to temper it. And if you don’t drink it ASAP you can tame this bionic bird by storing it in a cool dark place. Otherwise it becomes a kryptonite!!


Porijeklo: Nizozemska

Alk.: 5,8 % vol

IBU: 50

Vrsta: IPA - International

Pakiranje: 0,33l  NB 





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